Mobile Dog Grooming Testimonials

Today was our first time meeting Monica. The care that went into grooming our dogs was absolutely wonderful. All three of our dogs adored her. She was gentle and kind and they all look amazing. Her attention to detail is great. I would recommend her to anyone.

Jennifer Johnson

Monica is so great with both of our dogs. We were very nervous about having Ripley groomed, as she is big, comes from a history of abuse, and has some health issues, but Monica did a wonderful job. We look forward to continuing to support Dazzling Dogs Mobile Salon! Thanks again!

Paul Selice

Monica was great with our dog Teddy!! He is a handful and is tough to groom. Monica had great patience with him and is willing to keep grooming him.

Kim Sitterley

Monica was absolutely amazing with my Shorkie baby. She was patient and calm with her and took her time with grooming to make sure my girl felt safe. Wish I would have found her sooner!

Lisa Capra

I am sooo impressed with Monica’s services. She went beyond any groomer I have had with my Bulldog. Toby is happy and asleep. Usually after a groomer visit, he labors with breathing and pants for hours. Not this time. He did so well. Thank you again soooo much.

Deborah King

Monica, I am contacting you for a number of reasons. First, my wife Brynn asked me to research Orlando Groomers and hopefully find one. I looked and a large number of Groomer sites. When I reviewed yours there was something that stood out from the rest. I liked the complete explanation of your process and reason of how you groom. Brynn agreed with me that we should contact you. Today you exceeded all our expectations! Thank You for accepting Doc and us, we consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have found you. Also, Note: with the condition Doc was in and the way you used your talents is absolutely amazing to us. Doc is a member of our Family and we tend to overprotect him. He came in the apartment showing no sign of stress he usually shows after a grooming. Thank you again.

Ken Severance

I just want to take a moment and say how much I appreciate your business. Having someone that does what they advertise has become a rarity. Monica is wonderful with my dog and I look forward to her visits. She has relieved so much stress from my life knowing my baby will be well cared for. She has a fabulous working environment.

Elizabeth D.

Anyone who is hesitating, please do not think twice and hire Monica. I can't thank her enough for her wonderful service. I have two small Papillon's that have very sensitive skin. Since I started using Monica's company, her medicated shampoos have been working great, and my babies have been doing so much better and look beautiful. Having the groomer come to me is the best thing that I have enjoyed as well as the service Monica has provided. I am so grateful to have found such service that accommodates my pets special needs. I highly recommend Dazzling Dogs to all the families that love their babies and want only the best.

Ingrid R.

Monica, I wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate your professionalism. I used to take my miniature poodle Shadow to a pet store for grooming. I would have to drive there, drop her off and pick her up about 4 hours later. She would shake every time I dropped her off. In other words, she was stressed. I also didn't like the idea that she would be crated for the 3 hours between the time I dropped her off and the time she was groomed. Now, how lucky are we to have you! It is a wonderful thing to have you come to the door, give Shadow love, and groom her right outside the front of our house. My Shadow is not stressed. I have the comfort of knowing she is in the best of hands and I will have her back freshly groomed to perfection in an hour. Her grooming is impeccable. I love the way you handle her as if she was your very own. I can always count on you. You are extremely dependable and professional. Thank you so much Monica. I would highly (most highly) recommend you and your grooming services to anyone.

Diane G

Monica is always so gentle. My dogs never cry, shake, nor run in fear from her when she comes to collect them for their appointments. I find this to be one of the most important issues with a groomer. She is always punctual and professional in every aspect. She shows great attention to detail. Every hair and nail is perfect. My two Yorkie's are always so beautiful and refreshed after every appointment with Monica. We are lucky for my family to have such a wonderful and caring groomer.

Cecilia N.

Monica is by far, the best groomer I've had and I highly recommend her. My dogs are 12 years old and I've been to many groomers. I have always been particular and now that they are seniors, I'm even more careful with choosing their groomer. My toy poodle Peaches had some rough grooming experiences earlier in her life, causing her to be very fearful of grooming. She cried and shook and was in general distress throughout the experience. The fact that Monica comes right to my door, and the entire grooming experience is about an hour is a wonderful thing. However, I have to say that more importantly Monica has that personality that dogs love. She's gentle and calm, and my dogs really like her. Peaches is a big fan of grooming day now and runs to Monica and kisses her, and walks happily to the van. She looks beautiful, the cut is just what I asked for, and no stress! I recommend Monica with no reservations. Your dogs will be happy!

Ellen S.

In our current times it's hard to find a company you can trust, Dazzling Dogs, is IRREPLACEABLE! She does an amazing job on all 3 of our doggies. The fact that she comes to us and keeps us on a schedule is wonderful. We could not ask for more! Dazzling Dogs quality of service is outstanding.

Cliff H.

We have been using Dazzling Dogs for years. She is gentle with our dog and she actually looks forward to her time with Monica. Before Monica, our dog would not allow some groomers to do their job. Plus, in this time where it is hard to find dependable people, Monica is always reliable, on time, friendly, gentle, and does an amazing job on our dog. Our little Cookie has never looked better! Thank you Monica!

Hilda P.

As a Pet-owner and Dog Lover I spare no expense nor would I ever settle for anything less then the best when it comes to Sage. Dazzling Dogs is by far the most professional, highest rated, best quality, and dependable Pet Grooming Service available in Florida. She is amazing with Sage, and I completely entrust his safety and well-being while in her care. I cannot offer a higher testimonial then to say- "four-paws up!!! Way up!!"

Mitch K.

Monica has been an absolute blessing for Simon, our Westie. Before, taking him to the groomer was a difficult chore as he got very nervous - and we were never thrilled with the results. Now, we know he is so happy to see Monica and, quite honestly, he always looks gorgeous afterwards! Monica is always professional and punctual and her skills are superb. We give her our highest recommendation.

Michael B.

My baby Sammy is unfortunately blind so it is hard for him to trust who is grooming him. He has total trust in Monica. He loves when she comes to groom him and he hardly ever gets nervous. Monica is a sweet person and is very caring and gentle when she grooms Sammy. She gives Sammy her undivided attention and never leaves his side. She is very professional and friendly and knows how to run a business. Sammy always looks so good and always smells great when Monica is done grooming my baby. If you want your dog to be happy and look good then I highly recommend Monica as your groomer. Thank you Monica for making my baby Sammy feel so comfortable with you and thank you for making him look so good.

Pamela C.

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