Premium Bath

Includes bath with your choice of premium shampoo and conditioner, hand fluff dry, brush out, ears plucked and cleaned, nails clipped and filed smooth, sanitary trim, anal glands expressed, cologne, bow or bandana.

Mini Groom

Above mentioned plus trimming of the face, feet & fanny.

Full Groom

Above mentioned plus full body haircut.

*Dogs are groomed to owners desire.

*Specialty cuts are extra.

*All prices are based on the breed of your dog.

Totally self contained spa on wheels:
  • Climate controlled system ensures year round comfort.
  • Spa has air conditioning and heat.
  • Full size bathtub to accommodate larger pets.
  • Hydraulic table to assist pets stepping up on to grooming table.
  • Hydro surge bathing system gives invigorating massage while thoroughly cleaning.
  • High velocity dryer.
  • Water tanks are filled with fresh water daily before coming to you.


A lot goes into bringing that pretty vehicle to your driveway that you do not see. This is all factored into your pricing. Vehicle maintenance, vehicle cleaning, water, top of the line products, maintenance on equipment, and gasoline.

Mobile Grooming in Orlando FL